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Ellin [userpic]
The Other - 00 - The Prologue
by Ellin (sapphire_child)
at April 3rd, 2006 (01:59 pm)

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Title: The Other – 00 – The Prologue
Spoilers: set from about episode 14 of the second season, from there its just spec and my muse having some fun.
Summary: Charlie, unable to cope with Claire’s estrangement any longer, sets off into the jungle alone. But after a month of pain and hardships, he stumbles across something he wasn’t ever expecting to find out there…
Disclaimer: Isn’t mine, never has been, never will be and I promise I’m not making any money – writing fanfiction is simply for my own self-satisfaction. The lyrics in the cut are from “Easier To Run” by Linkin Park
Author’s Note: I have a feeling this could turn out to be pretty epic so hold onto your hats! Also, the rest of this won’t be in dialogue-only form, I just thought it’d be different to have the prologue like this, all disjointed and dialogue-y and cool. Yeah. Go read!

The baby began to cry as he crunched through the sand towards her shelter. The time had come for him to say what he needed to before he went. He only hoped that she wouldn’t just get angry at him again – that she might understand at least a little why he was going.

‘Shh…shh…what’s wrong? Hmmn? Don’t cry…’


‘What do you want Charlie?’

‘I’m leaving.’

‘I’m sorry, what?’

‘I’m leaving. Now. Today.’

‘Leaving for where?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘You don’t know.’

‘I don’t know. As far away from here as I can get. Maybe into the jungle…’

‘The Others…’

‘I don’t care about the Others! I’ve got to get away – don’t you understand? I can’t stand being here, being around you and Aaron all the time, seeing you and knowing that I can’t be with you…it’s worse than when you disappeared. I can’t do it anymore – I can’t take it.’

‘So what, you’re running away?’

‘You know what? Yes, I am running away. I’m running away and I’m not going to stop running until everything stops hurting.’

‘And how long will that be exactly?’

‘I don’t know. Until it stops hurting. I came to say goodbye to you. I haven’t told anyone else – I know they’ll try and stop me from leaving.’

‘Oh my God – you want me to tell them don’t you?’

‘If they ask. Jack will want to bring me back but I’ll come back when I’m ready. Can you make sure he gets that bit at least?’

‘Yeah sure, whatever.’


‘I don’t want to hear it Charlie.’

‘…I’m sorry.’

‘No you aren’t. You know that I would have told them even if you hadn’t asked me to.’

‘Not for that, for this.’


A silence.

‘I’ll be back. I don’t know when, but I will be back. Take care of yourself, and Aaron too.’

And then he walked into the jungle, alone, as she stared after him, quite speechless. It was long after he had disappeared from sight that the feeling of the kiss he had given faded completely from her lips – warm, feather light and bitterly sad.